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Landscaping and Design

August 18, 2015

symbols-74474_1280The wonderful advantage you get with artificial grass is that you are working with plastic, of which creativity is limitless. Many schools and nurseries are laying artificial lawn in their playgrounds as it not only provides a safer environment for the children, but it also incorporates fun designs such as hopscotch and friendly images that will create more fun for the users. Of course as well as fun designs and patterns the artificial grass can be used for any sports, and have all field markings and lines added to the grass. The best bit is that because you are dealing with plastic. you won’t have to worry about paint markings washing off or becoming disfigured through use or weather, as the design will be added onto the lawn in the factory.

No more extra costs for line marking and best of it looks more professional and stays professional no matter the weather and no matter the use.

The New Garden For You

August 15, 2015

Artificial grass is revolutionising the way our gardens look and also the practicality of how we are able to use and get the most of the space we have. More homes are transforming their outdoor space through the wonderful and aesthetically more impressive look of artificial grass.

The grass is made up of a mixture of nylon and plastic compound, which is not only more robust and durable then other materials, its waterproof element means that the garden’s mess and dirt is reduced to up to 100% depending on the amount of grass used. As well as being practical in all weathers the material doesn’t get damaged in harsh weather, also if heavy objects are placed on the material, similar to carpet it was will return back to its original shape with a bit of encouragement. Artificial grass can come in a variety of qualities, for example 3G you can expect the great plastic, nylon grass on a solid base as you would with normal lawns. However the more recent and slightly popular option is the 4G. The 4G is being used for schools, and indoor pitches as it provides arguably a better surface that usual grass. The rubber pellets, which sit on the bottom layer, act as an absorption cushion surface, which not only feels better under foot, but also provides a safer surface.

The new safety improvements with the 4G have been designed to prevent injuries such a twisting an ankle, caused from the ground not releasing the foot quickly enough. The best selling point for this lawn is of course it maintains all these incredible elements all year round. When playing football, the surface will stay at the same consistent quality year after year after year!

It is something you cannot overlook and it definitely worth the investment, it will transform you space you have today and can create a beautiful place for you to enjoy!